‘I bear no grudge against Obour but …’ – Ambolley

A year and some months after losing the presidency battle to Obour, most Ghanaians have come into conclusion that old-timer musician, Gyedu Blay Ambolley is still holding back sourness against his then contender but he has rebutted that he bears no grudge against Obour and his administration, ‘‘when we meet outside we talk alright but in this business there has to be respect because the experience I have musically and administratively, I don’t think Obour has it.’’


‘‘I have said this many a times that heading such a huge organization as MUSIGA isn’t a ‘child’s’ play but because the former administration were afraid that if he was voted in as the President of MUSIGA, their ‘rots’ would be exposed so they needed someone to cover their deeds up’’, he indicated.

According to him, the industry is a trade that people involve live by and contribute to the industry because they have been gifted to make people happy and therefore have to be appreciated by being rewarded for their inputs which is not happening as it should be.

In a quest to know if he will vie for the seat in the next MUSIGA election, Ambolley drastically noted that his name is too big or bigger than MUSIGA hence, ‘’I won’t at all contest again but if they deem that I should do something for the betterment of musicians in Ghana, fine with me otherwise not again but I will still continue doing the best that I can to help musicians but in all everything ins in the Lord’s hands’’, he told Scratch Magazine in an interview.

He urged all writers to conduct proper research before putting out an article in regards to an article headlined ‘Gyedu Blay Ambolley is not a matured music composer’ by Osarfo Anthony all because he derided some Hip life musicians for composing and producing songs with jejune and noisy lyrics in an interview posted on ghanaweb.com six months ago, ‘‘if the writer is describing my choice of words as ‘loose’ in my songs, and thinks I rap as if I’m jesting and sings as though I am hooting at someone then he needs to do a proper research because that has been my identity since I joined the industry.’’

The ace high lifer after releasing his 25th album ‘Simigwa do’ mid last year, he indicated he has a big surprise for Ghanaians as well as the part of the world because ‘‘I’m back in the studio putting my music together and I have many things that have been properly structured that have been well-structured and will be international accepted since if you want to make a living, you have to extend your music and that’s exactly what I will be doing this year and so Ghanaians should be prepared for me and my music because it would be more than razom razom zo.

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