Guest Blog: Rewriting The Perceptions, Daddy Lumba Delivers In Kumasi Plus My Observations

Daddy Lumba Live In Concert at Miklin Hotel, Kumasi. Picture Credit: Nana Bonsu/

Miklin Hotel saw two major events with two legendary musicians this Christmas, Daddy Lumba Live In Concert and Amakye Dede Happy man Bitters Concert.

Although both shows were held on different days, I’m tempted to make some comparisons before I zoom in to the main issue I want to discuss.

First of all, Amakye Dede relatively pulled a larger crowd among the two and I’m not really surprised since both shows had different price tags. With a VIP ticket to Lumba’s show securing you two tickets to Amakye Dede’s concert, it is quite obvious many would choose the ‘serious’ man.

Not just that, Amakye Dede’s concert had quite a crowd pulling list of performers especially with the inclusion of female dancehall sensation Ebony who has since the beginning of 2017 churned out street anthems and had people singing all her songs. It was quite expected that the show would pull major crowd.

In all, I think it was a good show with a good crowd.

Straight to business.

Despite enjoying one of the best on-air promotions, generating a great conversation on social media with the inclusion of Countryman Songo and Teacher Kwadwo and releasing a short video to assure fans of his presence, I gather many fans felt skeptical about stepping out for the event.

Daddy Lumba also promised to launch his new album and perform some songs off the album which he eventually didn’t do.

Why remain skeptical despite all these efforts?

This was fueled by the scar he’s left on the minds of many he did disappoint years back when he failed to show up at his own events or gave a flimsy excuse. The  Royal Lamerta no-show and the Tepa incidence still sounds fresh in the minds of people.

Fans losing interest in him?

Somehow but then again, Hell NO!!! This is Daddy Lumba.

Aside the no-show incidents, a number of fans are growing with the believe that he cares less about his lackadaisical performance on stage which is seemingly discouraging people from attending his shows. Lest I forget, a number of fans enjoy his music to his live performance unlike Amakye Dede who has earned a reputable status for always being ‘serious’ with his live shows.

Again, Lumba’s decision not to release his long-awaited album before the show was also a disincentive and made promotions flat with just old rotating songs.

It is beginning to dawn on me that the legendary musician needs to find a way to redeem his image and correct the long-standing perceptions. It is not surprising that potential event sponsors sometimes demand copies of contractual agreements between (him) Lumba and event organizers before getting on board to support his events.

His inability to appear for radio and TV interviews to talk about his shows and be at event locations for dress rehearsals and sound checks all contribute to the in-attractiveness of Lumba’s shows. I believe it is about time some one told him to be actively involved in his events promotions.

Prior to the event, I heard Kwame Adinkrah speak on one station or the other another running all the promotions; something Lumba should make himself readily available for sometimes. Well, his health could also be a factor as he’s not as fit as we know some years back.

Such interventions would always reaffirm his readiness for shows and erase that perception of ‘no show’. Besides, people would believe that indeed, the ‘great man’ is in town.

Can we talk about the show proper?

On the Daddy Lumba show, one artist I really looked forward to seeing Shatta Rakko left much to be desired. Wutah, Captain Planet and Lil Win were actually on point as they gave patrons a good deal for their money.

The man of the night himself, Lumba seemed tired and weak from the beginning although he peformed more than 15 songs. He however repeated a number of songs.

Notwithstanding the many flaws of aging Lumba in the led up to the event, high-profile politicians including the Ashanti Regional Minister, Hon Simon Osei Mensah and business moguls Citizen Kofi and Dr Kwaku Oteng were all present at this year’s show.

Others included the Ashanti Regional Police Commander COP Ken Yeboah, Director of Urban Roads Ing. Opoku Agyeman, the Mamponghemaa, Nana Agyakoma Diffie ll, among others.

Now, a round of applauds to Kwame Adinkrah and his Apotiti Consult for the continuous efforts since they seem to gradually wash away the impression Daddy lumba has created in the minds of many.

Yes, I am yet to find a Lumba concert organized by Apotiti Consult that has had Lumba not show up. I just don’t know what it is but it seems Lumba has some great respect for Kwame and likes the way his company handles him as he did confirm in a recent interview and acknowledged live on stage.

Perhaps, more of such and the imprints left on the minds of some fans is gone forever.

All the same, Lumba live in concert was classic. Hopefully, a more energetic Lumba turns up next year, that is, if there will be such a concert.

Watch Daddy Lumba’s performance

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