Your Girl is Depressed: 3 Ways to Lighten Her Life

Your girlfriend is not just sad – she is already locked in herself. Anxious symptom: it is possible that she is on the verge of depression, and that’s what you can help her and most likely, both of you.

What is Real Depression?

Does your girl walk around the house in pajamas until three in the afternoon? Eats two cakes for dinner? Buys a mountain of meaningless outfits and dumps them in the bedroom without even cutting off the labels? Is she at three o’clock in the morning gloomy like a cloud and clapping in front of your nose the door to the bathroom? At the same time for all your attempts to find out what’s wrong, she answers: “I just have depression”? It seems that it’s time to figure out what a real depression is and how it differs from a bad mood, bouts of laziness and elementary female lies.

The situation is really serious, if your girl has stopped eating and drinking, lies on the bed all day and sleeps a lot. She does not have the strength even to brush her teeth and comb her hair – what can we say about things that require a little more effort? And in general, she is not happy with what she usually rejoiced: she does not want to travel any more, watch movies, go shopping and have sex. And anyway, she does not want anything. Lack of desires is one of the most important anxiety symptoms. Just do not mix it with the meditative state: suddenly your girlfriend was carried away by Buddhism and completely freed from her ego.

If you do not take action in time, depression can lead to the most terrible consequences. Natural physical pain can begin – It’s not for nothing that depression was formerly called mental neuralgia. Being inactivity, you risk losing her, and in the most literal sense of the word. Try to persuade her as soon as possible to see her doctor and start taking medicine if they are prescribed. And keep in mind that you will have to be on the alert always: according to statistics, depression tends to return in 80 percent of cases. However, you can do some things without any doctor.

  1. Let her know that you know how hard it is for her and you believe that she does not pretend. And please avoid everyone like “think up an interesting business” and “think about those who feels a hundred times worse than you.” Concentrating on others, you make probably the most crucial of typical mistakes in dating. When she recovers, she will certainly be engaged in something fascinating, but for now – she simply does not have a resource for this.
  2. Be with her as often as possible. In the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and especially at night (take into account that with depression there can be a cruel insomnia) – even if she does not notice you and even if she asks “to put on your shoes and roll wherever you go.” Be patient and do not be offended by anything – even if she does not answer your questions for two days or forgot about your birthday. What the outside may look like a disregard is in fact a symptom of the disease. There is nothing personal here – just your girlfriend literally does not have the strength to talk.
  1. Watch what surrounds her – from sounds to objects. Depression is unpredictable, and it can be strengthened by anything. William Styron in the book “Visible Darkness”, dedicated to the depression, tells how he once brought into a complete stupor by cry of a pack of Canadian geese. Take care that she does not watch in such a state sad movies and did not listen, for example, Joy Division. Just understand correctly: you do not need to stuff her with stupid, cheerful comedies, it can get worse from them. The best remedy, however foolish it may sound, is physical activity. Try, for example, to jump with her with a parachute. Another option – give her a comic dog, for example Samoyed. If even Samoyed does not help – then it’s time to go to the clinic.

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