BBA “The Chase” : Ghana’s Selly Regrets Eviction Nomination

After the Live Show, with all the Housemates back in their Houses, the Rubies sat around to discuss the events of the evening. Selly was feeling a bit remorseful about her move in replacing Biguesas with Koketso for Eviction. ShotSelly

The remaining Rubies tried to put her regret to rest by assuring her that either way, one of them would have been Nominated and inevitably Evicted. Even though all their advice made a lot of sense, Selly couldn’t help but feel bad about her actions and with reason.

Pokello explained how tricky “The Chase” is in terms of having minimal choice as HoH and that at the end of the day Africa has the final say as to who can stay and who needs to go. This fact is true but the Housemates, together with the HoH, are the ones that put a certain person up for Eviction. Eventually all Housemates are destined for the same fate, the difference being who makes it to Evictions first.

Selly might have felt a bit of regret with her choice but anyone could have been dealt with that hand.

This week belonged to Ruby lovers, Koketso and LK4. Next week will see another two Housemates leaving The Chase. Who will it be Africa?

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