Ghanaian Gospel Musicians Are Just Ignorant of the Internet

In an era where musicians are making the most out of the internet by selling and marketing their products and brands, majority of the Ghanaian gospel musicians are just so ignorant about this and only relies on selling CDs than selling digital copies via all the latest music selling sites like iTunes, Amazon and so many others.

But for a few like Cwesi Oteng, Sonnie Badu etc, who  are  in tune with current trends and working hard at that, many are just wandering in the wilderness. Perhaps, you may call the names I mentioned new generational ministers.

In a bid to identify reasons for this lack of knowledge in this terrain, it was discovered most of these artists sell their albums in their churches during the album  launch and stock CD shops wit them.

My encounter with most of these artists in Kumasi which I can refer to as the hub of Gospel music in Ghana proved how pathetic the situation was as most artists repel online promotion and do not even see the need for it. The questions are just interesting to hear.

It is very difficult to find your favourite Gospel musician’s song online.

So when will the Ghanaian gospel musician learn to adapt to the changing times or they are waiting on a divine intervention?


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