Ghanaian DJs deserve to be appreciated – Akoo Nana (Naana)

Winner of Music for Development Award at the recently held 2013 edition of the Ghana Music Awards, Naana formerly known as Akoo Nana has asked fellow musicians to respect and appreciate the Ghanaian DJs for their exceptional contribution to promoting their songs on radio and other platforms.akoo_nana

Contrary to a call by beat producer Kaywa on DJs to play more of Ghanaian songs , Akoo Nana believes times have fast changed where DJs will go to the extent of searching and downloading songs from different online sources just to play them on their platforms and therefore deserve some applauds and appreciation.

Speaking on why it is perceived most Ghanaian DJs play a lot of Nigerian music; an issue that has come under so much discussion, Akoo Nana believes, the Nigerian artists have their own of appreciating the DJs, something most Ghanaian artists don’t do.

As artists, we have overcome the times when DJs would request for Payola before playing our songs but you don’t expect the DJ to play your songs more than someone who calls him (DJ) very often or even passes by to show some love. He added.

Citing a scenario where an artist sees a DJ and passes by even without recognition, how do you expect this DJ to react? He asked.

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