Ghanaian Cinemas/Theatres Can Re-Open Only After Meeting These Operational Guidelines

Amidst growing calls for theatres and movie cinemas in Ghana to be re-opened, the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has listed a number of operational guidelines for these establishments as the government reportedly plans to ease up the restrictions placed on them.

Amongst them, only Cinema/Theatre establishments approved by the Ghana Tourism Authority would be allowed to operate.

The approved ones would also be required to train in-house stewards who will be
responsible for COVID-19 protocols. The names and contacts of these individuals must be submitted to the Ghana Tourism Authority as the Ghana Health Service provides capacity building as support.

The premiering of movies at any other venue would also require approval by the
Ghana Tourism Authority.

The guidelines have been placed under about 12 categories including Entrance/Exit Protocols, Ticketing, In Hall protocols among others.

Read them below.


  • Display of “No Masks No Entry” signage to ensure the mandatory wearing of
    face masks before entry and upon entry at all times.
  • Display of “No Eating, No Drinking at the Cinema Hall/Theatre
  • Display of notification “Go for Your COVID-19 Vaccine” at the entrance
  • Display of notification on COVID-19 precautionary measures
  • Display of contact details of an Ambulance service and the nearest health


  • A clear instruction on entry/exit of patrons must be made available
  • Stewards must coordinate the entry and exit of patrons
  • Mandatory checking of the temperature of both employees and patrons before
    entry by trained stewards
  • Vital details of all patrons must be taken i.e., name, telephone number and
    temperature record to monitor attendance and temperature of patrons as
    well as aid contact tracing if the need arises


  • Electronic pre-booking must be encouraged.
  • Use of POS devices or electronic payments (e.g. MOMO, Vodafone cash etc.) must be encouraged.


  • Sensitization on COVID-19 precautionary measures must be done before
    every movie/drama show
  • Duration of a movie/drama show shall not exceed two (2) hours
  • The duration between movie/drama sessions shall be within a minimum of thirty (30) minutes
  • Enhanced ventilation must be maintained
  • Regular disinfection of the interior of cinema hall/theatre (In-between movie/drama show).
  • Provision of hand sanitiser dispensers at vantage points
  • All staff and patrons must wear face masks
  • Face masks shall be made available to patrons
  • Intermittent reminders on wearing of face masks must be ensured by stewards


  • Floor signs must be placed to maintain physical distancing particularly at
    the entrance
  • Ensure adequate spacing for seating to maintain physical distancing of at
    least 1 metre
  • Physical distancing shall be maintained at the lounge


  • Provision of adequate hand-washing apparatus (running water, veronica
    buckets, soap together with tissues and 70% alcohol-based sanitiser)
  • Adequate, spacious and covid-19 friendly washrooms must be provided.
  • Thorough cleaning in the washrooms must be done intermittently.
  • Disinfect all surfaces at the cinema hall/theatre e.g. floors, doorknobs, toilets, chairs, countertops, computers etc. regularly.
  • Staff and patrons must wash hands regularly as they may have cleaned or touched objects or surfaces such as door handles, handrails etc. that may have been contaminated by staff or patrons.


  • Provision of designated isolation areas in the facility


  • Proper management and disposal of contaminated waste (used tissues, face
    mask etc) according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health must be
    adhered to.


Approval will be by the issuance of a regular operational licence for
Cinema/Theatre establishments and a provisional licence (in the case of
premiering of a movie at any other venue) by the Ghana Tourism Authority.


The following modalities will be adopted to ensure compliance of the
operational guidelines;
➢ Mystery patrons
➢ Exit interviews with patrons
➢ Interactions with patrons
➢ Use of checklist to monitor adherence to the operational guidelines


A team will conduct routine enforcement and when necessary seek the assistance
of the Ghana Police Service.

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