Ghana Showbiz; The Bitter Truth – Shatta Rako Writes

Shatta Rako - One Day

Ghanaian dancehall artist Shatta Rako known as one of the most vociferous artists has on this day penned what he believes is the bitter truth in the Ghanaian showbiz industry.

Read from below and let us know if you share in his opinion or not.

1. It’s become a norm that an artiste has to “FAKE IT” to “MAKE IT” in the industry. The interesting part is mostly a lot happens at the blind side of the fans and the public so they tend to adore the “FAKERS” and hate the “REALERS.. Now let me define the “FAKERS”..

2. Alot of artistes put on “plastic smile” and bigup fellow artistes publicly but “badmind” them in secret! They will openly sound nice on air and social media about other artistes and pretend all is well between them with statements like , “OH, HE IS MY BROTHER” just to look good in the eyes of the masses and behind doors ask his comrades to insult and attack the same artiste on call in programs on radio and also on social media. Dear Fans not every quiet person is “HUMBLE” mostly the are “HARMFUL”

3. Most artistes on “top of their game” will only work with other artistes who are making also on “top” of their game. I hear its called the “NEW CIRCLE”! if you are not in it, forget! The only time a top brand will work with a new talent is when the talent gets some buzz around him for whatever reason or gets a breakthrough hit! Then they will probably approach them for a remix lol! That is when we see tweets and statements like “AND MY BROTHER SO SO and SO” This is why we find collaborations between same artists over and over again.. Same reason makes its difficult for new talents to break through and eventually get wasted.

4. Majority of the Radio Djs and presenters love to “PLAY HIT SONGS” and do not want to help “MAKE HIT SONGS” This is why u can meet a DJ enjoying your good music in his car and complimenting it “THE SONG DEY BE OH” but wont bother to play it on air! Truth is not every “Hit Song” is a good song.. But every “Good Song” is a potential “HIT SONG”. Only a few Radio Presenters/Djs will give a listening ear to new talents! 90% of Radio Djs/Presenters will rather promote or play music from already established artists whether or not its good music and ignore good music from real talent just because they are new! So what do we get. Same artiste on their playlist for God knows how long.

Many will see this post as “rubbish” and call me “a hater” “a bitter Person” all sorts of names probably because in their heart they know it’s the truth and the truth is a bitter pill to swallow!

This is the ‪#‎BitterTruth‬ about Ghana Showbiz! To be continued!

My name is Shatta Rako

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