Fuse ODG to feature on BBC Focus on Africa


Call it an “Open Invitation” and you might not be far from wrong although we are not referring to Tyrese’s latest album. The success story of Ghanaian UK based musician Fuse ODG is worth sharing and has therefore been given an open invitation by BBC’s Komla Dumor to feature on Focus on Africa , a regular program that runs on BBC to share his experience, talk music and the (This Is New Africa) #TINA movement he pioneers.


Although it is however yet unknown when he appears on BBC Focus on Africa, it is worth noting that Fuse ODG has over the past couple of months blown all over the world with his Antenna song and Azonto mob dance videos making him one of the most sought after musicians in the UK.

With his latest Antenna Remixes EP sitting comfortably at number 5 in the UK charts on iTunes and number 1 summer hit jam at the time of publication, there seems to be a no stopping for the Off The Ground artist.

www.nydjlive.com wishes Fuse ODG the best and hey, anytime you see him pass by, don’t forget to say”AY!!!”.

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