Focus 1 Media Brings The Orange Experience To Kumasi

Kumasi is about to have a new radio experience, a new flavor, an orange experience, thanks to the Focus 1 Media Group.

Orange 107.9, located at the center of the Kumasi City Mall is already the talk of the Garden City just two weeks after going live. Orange is the sound you hear in Uber and taxis, on people’s smart devices, in the shops and in people’s homes. The frequency has become synonymous with music.

Meet Kwame Adu-Mante; the brain behind this exciting new experience

Mr. Adu-Mante is a Kumasi boy through and through. Born and bred in Dichemso and Ashtown , the larger than life media mogul horned his entrepreneurial skills in Takoradi having gone there to pursue tertiary education at the then Takoradi Polytechnic. From his early beginnings as a night DJ, he rose through the ranks to become general manager at Sky Power Fm, an experience that prepared him for the tricky Ghanaian media terrain. Ever the dreamer, Adu-Mante accepted the challenge of reviving Radio Maxx and added two more stations, Spice Fm and Beach Fm to form the Focus 1 Media Group. Focus 1 Media is only a piece of the larger FOCUS 1 GROUP. The group also has interests in MicroFinance Construction, Events and Distribution HQ in Takoradi.

Will Orange FM thrive or fall flat?

I have grown from wanting to be rich to wanting to be wealthy” he says of his ambitions but those ambitions extend beyond amassing wealth. He has an unshakable desire in the ability of others to succeed along with him and he aims to create as many employment opportunities as possible. He also wants to make Orange 107.9 a career destination.

The 38 year old is a fierce competitor and he thrives on this. Orange 107.9 entry has been subtle but firm. There hasn’t been too much noise but the vibe has been very much felt. The station in being the music leader it has said to be is strategically introducing something different with Music. Playing music only between 1998 and 2008. This style is evoking nostalgia among listeners and  drawing a necessary point of differentiation.

The dynamics of Urban radio means growth and expansion must be steady. It requires a strategic plan that focuses sustainability in the short-term, consolidation of gains in the medium term and steady growth in the long-term. Having grown up in Kumasi he possesses a fair knowledge of the media business terrain, knowledge that stands him in good stead for the challenges ahead.


What is Radio in Kumasi without the customary poaching rumors when a new brand emerges? Rumor has it Kwame Adu-Mante plans to seize the drive time slot by poaching a drive time presenter from an unnamed urban brand. When the poaching rumors involves Kwame Adu-Mante and Focus 1, managers of other stations may as well tighten their belts. The man poaches with finesse.

ORANGE aims to be Kumasi’s music leader and the early signs are promising. but it is unclear if the station will go 100% music without talk. For now, they’re very much living their motto “Kumasi’s music leader”.

Orange is warm, orange is happiness, orange is creative, Orange is Success, Orange is independence ORANGE is THE FUTURE.

In line with ASHANTI Custom we say AKWAABA, odehye3 w’aba a tenase!!

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