Flowking Stone speaks on who ‘killed’ who on ‘Fire Bon Dem’ Remix

Flowking Stone

If there’s any song that’s built the adrenaline of music lovers so high and kept them in wait in the Ghanaian music industry aside Sarkodie and Acehood’s New Guy released back in 2015, it’s none other than Flowking Stone’s ‘Fire Bon Dem‘ Remix.

For many who wish to know exactly why Fire Bon Dem remix is the most anticipated collaboration of 2016 so far, this is due to the fact that the song has three of the best musicians in the country at the moment.

A song with Flowking Stone, Sarkodie and Shatta Wale will definitely win the bet over any other any day.

Expectations are also high considering the fact that rap addicts are looking forward to who kills who on the verses as both Sarkodie and Flowking Stone are blessed with lyrics and venom.

Speaking to in an exclusive interview with NY DJ on #RYSENSHYNE on Y102.5FM, Flowking Stone spoke on who he believes ‘killed’ the other on the song which drops next week.

Read a transcript of the interview from below.

NY DJ: I’m pretty sure you know people are waiting to know who ‘killed’ who on the track right?

Flowking Stone: Hahaha, I don’t think I can answer that because you see everyone believes in his prowess so I just leave that to the fans but one thing with this song is that, it was more of a collaboration than a competition.

This song is not a competition, this is a song where we all came together to make something for the fans. We all have a story to tell so everybody told his story in the song. It’s just three great musicians coming together to tell their story while having fun.

NY DJ: In your own estimation, who really killed it?

Everybody was the best on it, everybody killed it.

With a lot of individuals asking why Flowking Stone did not feature Shatta Wale on a different song, Flowking Stone explained Fire Bon Dem had a dancehall feel and it was only right to have a real dancehall artist feature on the remix.

” Fire Bon Dem is a song that fuses hip hop and dancehall so it was only wise to add an original dancehall artist to it so it’s a total flair.”

With much said about the song, Fire Bon Dem is here. Just click to DOWNLOAD

Flowking Stone secured two nominations at the upcoming Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. He is nominated for Best Hip hop song of the Year and Best rapper of the Year.

Watch from below a snippet of Fire Bon Dem Remix.

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