Fight of Faith: An Album To Project Christ’s Image [Review]

Album: Fight of faith

Artiste: Christ Image

Producer: Christ Image

Author: Kwame Dadzie

Preamble: The gospel music fraternity is about to experience a new whiff of talent as Christ Image makes entry with ‘Kristohare’ – rap music that conveys the message of the Gospel of Christ.

He has released a 10-track album titled ‘Fight of Faith,’ 9 of which were single-handedly produced by him.

Kama: ‘Kama’ features Adom and talks about the goodness of God. In Adom, Christ Image raps about how God turned his life around from zero to hero. To him, God is the only one who can change what is in a bad state to good. Adom sings the chorus with her a voice that magnetises the listener to the song.

Nyameba: This song has a very danceable ‘azonto groove’ that can move numb feet. ‘Nyameba’ which literally translates as ‘child of God’ talks about the benefits one enjoys by being the child of God. The song is done in Twi, spiced with pidgin.

By My Side: ‘By My Side’ affirms the closeness of God to those who avail themselves to Him. Christ Image says in the song that because God is closer to him, he will not fear any evil but rather leave all his problems by way supplication to him.

Oye: This is another danceable ‘azonto-like’ song on the album. It is my personal favourite and one that can push the album. ‘Oye’ has a very catchy chorus that is easy to relate to and sang along.

Hero Street ft Nuel Triumph: The story is told of a place called Hero Street where great personalities who had lived good lives resided and a voice tells Christ Image that for him to be able to live there too, he needs to work harder and live a righteous life.

Nkunim: ‘Nkunim’ is another hip hop song that talks about how successful Christ Image has been through doing rap gospel music (kristohare). He says when he started doing gospel music in rap, people though he could not survive it. C.I really displays his rap dexterity on this song reiterating that enemies always plan evil against him but God shields him from them.

Aane: ‘Aane’ in Twi means ‘’yes.” In this song, the rapper communicates directly with the listener asking them to say ‘’yes” if they believe Jesus is the truth.

Wo Din: One virtue of a Christian is to proclaim God’s greatness to people to they also see and follow Christ. This song says it will praise and mention God’s name for the rest of his life.

I’m Saved: Salvation to Christians is as a result of Jesus’ death. Christ Image highlights God’s death and its effect of salvation to him and many others. This song was mixed and mastered by Big Bag.

Gyae Me: This is kinda warning to people to allow him (the writer) to worship God. According to him, he knows how good God is and what he has done for him so, no one should obstruct him in worshipping God.

Target audience: What Christ Image calls Christohare (gospel rap music) is not new in Ghana. There have been a couple of gospel acts venturing into that aspect of music and their target basically is the youth.

It is an alternative form of music to fans of hip hop who on a normal day would not listen to any of the mainstream forms of gospel music.

Conclusion: I rate the album 75%. Click on this link to listen to the ‘Fight for Faith’ album:—christ-image

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