Fans Call for David Beckham as the Next James Bond

David Beckham

Fans are pushing for David Beckham to be considered as the next James Bond as Daniel Craig‘s contract approaches its expiration date. According to Daily Star, fans have taken to Twitter to call for the former Manchester United icon to take over as agent 007 when Daniel steps down. One fan writes, “Give David Beckham a few hours acting lessons and boom. The new James Bond.”

The site goes on to say that David has been getting “secret acting lessons” from Tom Cruise. “David has been secretly getting tips from Tom for several years now,” a source tells the site, “Tom sees David as a very loyal and trusted friend, and is willing to help him fulfil his dreams. Tom feels that David has a great screen look and charisma which could work for movies.”

“David resisted at first, but over time has become more comfortable with acting. Tom has been advising him on learning dialogue and the methods of talking to fellow actors. Tom has been advising him on learning dialogue and the methods of talking to fellow actors,” the source continues, “It is baby steps but vital for Becks to get his experience.”

The “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” actor is reportedly helping David to appear more natural on tape. “Tom has all the perfect ingredients to advise Becks on what it takes to play a secret agent having done the ‘Mission Impossible’ franchise. His connections to the movie big wigs in Hollywood also aid Becks’ chances,” claims the source.

David previously revealed he’s determined to learn more about acting and opened to any criticisms of his first roles. “I am very aware that many sportsmen and other celebrities have turned their hand to acting and failed,” Victoria Adams‘s husband said. “I know that it is a tough profession, where you need a huge amount of skill and discipline, and I wouldn’t want to push myself forward too soon, without learning more about it, and doing a lot more practice.”

The former L.A. Galaxy player, who already has a speaking role in upcoming Guy Ritchie’s movie “Knight of the Roundtable: King Arthur”, added, “But what I have done so far, I have loved. I can deal with most things. I am a well-known person, so I have got used to criticism.”


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