Facebook to Introduce Hashtags in Direct Competition to Twitter

The famous social network, Facebook is all set to even out hashtags in order to change the course of competition with its rival Twitter to the next levels in gaining the interest of crowd and advertising dollars.


The company would follow the path of Twitter, which is responsible for making hashtag popular and Instagram which is already making use of hashtags. The idea is to bring in hashtag which is also a link to hook up topics and themes on FB. Hashtags are basically nothing but words which are preceded by the symbol, # (pound). It helps in bringing together all messages associated with a specific news event or topic.

Tagging of people, location and pages is already present in Facebook. Additionally including hashtags to posts would pave way to index the content easily by Graph Search, FB’s latest search product.

A statement emailed by Facebook read “We do not comment on rumor or speculation.”

The major blow on hashtags is that they are quite confusing and irritating to the new users. Owen Thomas mentioned that there was a research which proved that using these reduced follower count.

They seem popular on Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing service. But hashtags existed on Instagram from its earliest days, making it easy to find photos about a topic or in a certain style,” said Thomas. “It’s a far different prospect to introduce the confusing hashtag metaphor to mainstream Facebook users, where a billion people have managed to get by just fine without them.

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