Editorial: Evicted Big Brother Africa Rep Selly Is Just A Joker

Selly A

Just as a groom awaits the coming of the bride and Christians the second coming of Jesus Christ, so did I patiently wait for an opportunity to meet recently evicted Ghana representative in the ongoing Big Brother Africa The Chase especially with issues surrounding the alleged STI infection but unfortunately for me, the specified time for a media interaction was not suitable as I had host my radio show.

Although not present, I trusted my fellow bloggers and journalists not to spare her with that question and lo and behold, it popped up which she vehemently denied and stated her mum was had communicated with the organizers of the event and were ready to sue Nando for defamation.

What sounded funny to me was the fact that when asked if they had sex, she replied saying “We made out”. My mind was then quickly drawn to a similar incidence in the same Big Brother Africa house when Eazzy, after eviction told the Ghanaian media the same statement. Well, not to bore you, if my memory serves me right and the English Language I learnt from the Kwame Nkrumah University is anything to go by, then the term “Make Out” is a transitive street language or slang which could either mean to engage in sexual activities without sexual intercourse or to have sexual intercourse. By this definition, what did Selly want to tell us as it meant the two? She could have stated right away by using a Yes or No perhaps as Banky W had made those two words more popular.

This then leads to the funniest bit of it when Selly at the press interaction in Accra disclosed her mum was making all the necessary plans to sue Nando for defamation as he accused her of infecting him with an STI. For Christ sake, I believe Selly should be around 26 years and should know what is best for her. Was the mum under the blankets with Nando? Hell No!! Why then the mum’s decision to sue Nando and not herself? Come on girl, we’ve grown past this Kwaku Ananse story. Remember the earlier explanation of the slang “Make Out”? It is your word against Nando and not your mum and don’t forget “Make Out” as you used during the press interaction perhaps just to deceive the press who were current could be interpreted to support his allegation of you infecting him with an STI thereby making you shoot yourself in the foot or you just didn’t know the meaning of the slang?

To make my long story short, the most annoying part is when I saw on social networking site Facebook an invitation by MC Coaches to celebrate with Selly in a welcome part. Like seriously? The first thing that came to mind was what was there to be celebrated about Selly and why make a fuss about her homecoming? I will therefore implore well meaning Ghanaians not to celebrate just anything in the name of showbiz as they that truly deserve to be celebrated are overlooked.

I am currently following events and wish to know how far Selly and her mum who is most interested in suing Nando for defamation will go with their, for lack of a better word “project”.

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