Editorial: Can I trust the police service on issues surrounding Castro’s disappearance?


This piece is not to spite the Ghana Police Service but it seems the media is even doing more than the service hence my opinion that the police service MAY NOT be on top of issues.

On Sunday July 6 2014, Ghanaians in particular and the entertainment community at large were hit with the sad news of the disappearance of hip life artist Theophilous Tagoe aka Castro and girlfriend Janet Bandu who had visited the Ada Estuary to have fun in the company of Blackstars captain Asamoah Gyan and eleven others as we are made to understand.

Although earlier reports had suggested the two drowned in the river, Samuel Anim Addo, manager of Asamoah Gyan in an interview on Peace FM seemed to know something others did not know hence debunked the reports and dared the general public to submit prove of the supposed drowning. He then proceeded to state categorically that the two were missing therefore the need for a search to be mounted by the appropriate quarters of the Ghana Police Service to find the two either dead or alive but two (2) months down the lane, nothing concrete can be said about the disappearance.

This development coupled with other interviews granted by certain people who were present at Peace Resort in Ada had left many worried and wondering as to what could really be happening but to allay fears and bring the public up to speed on the search, the CID department of the Ghana Police Service called a press conference which I can describe at this moment as a complete waste of time considering the information they disclosed (which was known by all already).

The news of a press conference got many anxious and expectant of something progressive but as pathetic as it could be, the Police service had nothing new to tell the media than the very same information which the media was prevue to and had been discussed on several platforms.

Now the Shocker

It was shocking when the police disclosed their investigations had proven that a total number of 14 people had embarked on the journey including three (3) females whose names were disclosed as Janet Bandu, Alberta and unknown.

Wait!! Unknown?? Is that the name of the third lady who was in their company?

Anyway, of what essence was it disclosing the number of persons who were on the trip to Ada?

The police service continued to create more holes in its own presentation as it stated that all the individuals (except the disappeared ones) who embarked on the fun trip organized by Mr. Samuel Anim Addo had been contacted to write a statement on how events unfolded. Lest I forget, Alberta (the lady who invited Janet Bandu) in an earlier interview had stated she had not been invited by anyone to write a statement. So who is telling the truth? (I doubt the police had contacted her to write a statement prior to the press conference on Monday September 15 2014).

Remember, the service had named one of the three ladies who was part of the trip unknown. Now how on earth could the service get in touch with someone by name “unknown“? If they indeed got in touch with such a person, one would expect her to have written her name of the statement form right?

Hmmm!!! Just like any layman would conclude, the police has also asked Dr. Maurice Ampaw who had earlier disclosed on radio that he had information on the whereabouts of Castro to assist the service in the search for the Castro and Janet Bandu. (You would even do that were you the police, won’t you?)

Well, I do not expect the Police service to reveal to us all the pieces of information they have but with the very ones they made known to the media, I am tempted to say, the police wasted the time of every journalist present and I don’t know who forced them to organize that press conference.

Can we then trust them to come out with anything better on this search? Your guess is as good as mine.

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