Drake is the most important rapper of 2013

American rapper, Talib Kweli, who recently discussed his Gravitas album and who also released Prisoner Of Conscious through Javotti Media this year, was recently asked to discuss the most important rapper of 2013. Excluding himself, Kweli said that the most important emcee of the year was Drake.

“Most important emcee of 2013?” Talib Kweli said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “Drake. Drake is killing them. Drake is making honest music. He’s making hit records.

“He’s got lyrics for the dudes and he’s got subject matter that any human being can relate to, dude or female. He’s just really killing the game.

He’s really turned himself into the rapper to check for, and the number one emcee, the top tier emcee.”

Kweli also said that Drake has great potential, if he is consistent with his work. “If he can maintain his relevance for another couple years, he’ll be considered one of the greats up there with your Tupacs and Biggies and Jay Zs and even Kanye Wests. But Drake has done a great job this year.”

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