Does shouting make Ghanaian Gospel Artists Sound Better?

Tagoe Sisters
Tagoe Sisters

Waking up to Gospel music on various radio platforms is something most of us as Ghanaians have come to accept but it becomes a bit worrying and a terrifying when you wake up to hear artists shouting all over in their songs.

I do not know if you have realized this trend and how concerned you are but for me, it’s such a bad thing which I believe needs to be talked about hence this article. I do not know who started this trend which seems to be the order of the day for most of these Ghanaian Gospel artists.

Over the years, Ghanaians were blessed with great talents who sang their hearts out to propagate the Gospel through music. References can be made to McAbraham, Tagoe Sisters, Reverend Yawson, Daughters of Glorious Jesus and so many others who I cannot go ahead to mention in this piece. Not only did they sing to propagate the Gospel, the approach to their works and the manner in which they delivered would be something most of us would forever miss as the current generation would in no way go near that.

With my experience as a debating team president from my days in Kumasi Academy, I was taught to understand and believe that shouting in presenting cases never made anyone better or won arguments but rather careful presentation of facts but it seems our Gospel musicians have no idea of this and do the contrary.

I have had the privilege to sit in auditions that sought for musical talents where most individuals who came in to do Gospel songs ended up being disqualified for one particular reason and guess what it was, SHOUTING!!.

I do not believe you only need an angelic voice to propagate the Gospel but when it goes beyond a certain limit, I am tempted to believe you only make noise and do not get your message across.

I am tempted to mention particular names but I do believe you know some of them and would reflect on them and I am not too sure who started the trend but it seems to be a characteristic of the genre in Ghana and my question is, does shouting really make these artists sound better or how do you feel when you hear them?

I know most of you prefer to listen to foreign gospel songs because of some of these issues. Do you miss the good old days or prefer to listen to the current generation of Gospel artists?

Just ike many of my articles, this one is no different as I do not intend to speak all that exists but to set out a topic which I believe is worth discussing.


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