CONTRADICTORY? Old Video Pops Up After Mr. Logic Denies Disliking Strongman

It is quite normal for people to share their biased or unbiased opinions on creative materials but it’s one thing saying A on record and denying the next moment!

That’s exactly what Mr. Logic finds himself in.

Strongman and Accra based radio panelist Mr. Logic are currently the subject of  an online conversation.

The conversation stems from the fact that Mr. Logic on Hitz FM described  Strongman’s verses on Riddim of the gods produced by  JMJ as the weakest he’s heard so far.

This comment did not sit well with the musician who responded sharply highlighting  Mr. Logic’s ‘dislike’ for him.

As opinionated as Mr. Logic could be,  he would not let Strongman’s comment go by as he also responded saying;

Reacting to  tags of being a ‘hater’ a day after passing his initial comments, Mr. Logic said his comments were constructive “and not from a place of hate” as  it’s being tagged.

This would still not sit with fans of the artist who went back into sharing a video that suggests Mr. Logic never likes Strongman.

The video shared by Strongman’s manager suggests exactly the opposite especially as Mr. Logic is heard clearly on the same platform expressing his dislike for the artist.

In the video, he’s heard saying “From day one, I have never liked Strongman and I’m not going to shy on radio to say it..”

Have you heard any of the songs of f Riddim of the gods? Share with us which one you’re enjoying most.