Competition? Yahoo Overtakes Google in Rankings

Perhaps no one saw this coming after years of Google domination. Yahoo takes the top stop as the top web property (in the U.S.). This is according to comScore Media Metrix, a company which releases monthly lists of the top 50 U.S. web properties in it’s July’s report.

Yahoo properties, even without that, saw 196.6 million unique U.S. visitors during the month, compared to Google’ s 192.3 million, even as Google continues do dominate the search market by a much wider margin. If you want to count Tumblr, you can add another 38.3 million unique users.

yahoo-takes-oneJust look at that chart for a moment, and take it in. Look at how much higher Yahoo is than Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, etc. Twitter is all the way down at 30, below even Tumblr. Suffice it to say, Yahoo is huge.


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