Cheat Back, Forgive or Move On? My Partner Had S3x With My Best Friend

Caught red handed in bed with my best friend

This morning, I put across a topic for discussion on my radio show #RYSENSHYNE, and the topic seemed to have generated a lot of interesting and varying opinions hence my intent to sharing with you for your opinions as well.


Would you cheat back should you find out your partner is cheating with your best friend?

For many (majority of my callers), it is not worth keeping a partner who cheats with your best friend.

Others also believed it is necessary to find out what exactly made your partner cheat with your best friend.

Another group of listeners also assert they would let go the partner and maintain the friend. Like really?

Well, the most interesting part of the conversation was when my co host stated, cheating could have been a mistake. I mean how can cheating ever be described as a mistake?

Quite fascinating was when a number of callers also disclosed they would also cheat back!!

The question now is, would you cheat back, forgive your partner or move on? Share with me via the comment box below this post on the website.

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