Charterhouse Announces A One Week Provisional Window For Dispute Resolution On 2023 VGMA Nominations

Charterhouse, organizers of the prestigious Vodafone Ghana Music Awards have announced a major introduction to its scheme ahead of this year’s event.

Unlike many awards, organizers of the VGMA have introduced a one-week window which allows the general public to contest information sent out to the organizers for consideration in this year’s awards.

In a conversation with Sika Osei and monitored by Ghana’s Hub For Pop Culture & Urban Entertainment News –, the Head of public events and communications at Charterhouse, Robert Klah announced the new significant move saying;

“One of the first things we’re immediately introducing is the one-week provisional period.”

He continued saying,

“After this announcement goes out, we have one week window where we’re opening up for the public. So what this means is, if there’s anybody contesting any information, if there’s any information that has been submitted to the VGMA is inaccurate, we are open to receiving information from the public to be able to address that because individuals make submissions and sometimes you get incorrect information. After this period, everything as announced stays as they are.”

Speaking to NY DJ on RYSENSHYNE on Y102.5FM, Robert Klah further expatiated the one-week provisional window and announced the channels through which one could challenge a nomination or file a dispute.

“The one-week provisional window is for correction and provision. By correction, I mean the removal or inclusion or any type of information that might not be accurate as a result of the mechanisms in soliciting for information from different sources” he said.

He also revealed individuals could submit their concerns via their official emails or contact available on the award scheme’s website.


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