Can’t Hold No More; Agya Awiey3 movie due soon

After several attempts at keeping the movie Agya Awiey3 from being released, CEO of J.A. Films, Jones Agyemang discloses he has no option than to go ahead and release the movie as stakeholders who consulted him and opted to pay out the entire cost of the production have been unable to honour their promise. agya koo

According to him, a list of respected filmmakers and producers who begged him to keep the movie out of the market are yet to honour their promise of paying the agreed fees. He continued that attempts to secure the remaining amount has proved futile hence his decision to release the movie immediately after the world cup.

According to him, his plans of keeping the movie from being released has even got him into other troubles as most of the actors in the movie have refused to work with him again for his inability to pay as them as yet.

In a separate interview with Justice Hymns, lead character of the movie popularly known as Mmebusem, he disclosed he has no intents of starring in any movie for the said production house as he put off his best performance in Agya Awiey3 and believed could be have been a break for him and his career.

News of this movie Agya Awiey3 made rounds virtually a month after popular actor Kofi Adu aka Agya Koo openly stated on radio that his wife was living a miserable life by selling on the streets of Accra.

It is unknown if this is just a ploy to promote the movie or genuine as the “respected filmmakers and producers” who attempted to prevent the movie from being released are yet to be identified.

Would the movie really be about Agya Koo and his seemingly challenging movie career at the moment as people have anticipated?

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