Can these so-called pastors and fetish priests just SHUT UP for once?

These past few days have not been so easy for me as a friend of Ghanaian musician Castro who is yet to be identified after news of what is said to be a drowning incident happened on the Ada river where he went jet skiing with a female friend named as Janet Bandu but I feel it is so necessary that for once I asked that we pushed the pause button on these so called pastors and fetish priests who want to cash in on any available situation. fake-pastors

Since news of Castro’s alleged drowning, we have on one occasion or the other been bombarded with bogus news of fetish priest A or B making demands or explaining what could have caused the said drowning and how the brother could be rescued. Just on Wednesday, a certain fetish priest who declared he could bring back Castro from where ever he was demanded a life jacket before stepping into the Ada rivers and just as cameras captured, he ended up drowning himself calling for help. (WTF)

I could go on with several fetish priests and their allegations that Janet Bandu was a daughter of the sea goddess (Maame Water) who was tasked to bring Castro so as to pay his dues and bla bla bla. I know you have read several stories online concerning these issues and I wouldn’t even give them that attention because that is not where my faith lies but it comes as a source of worry when so-called men of God or pastors get themselves involved in these issues.

Well, I might just be an individual with two eyes and perhaps not anointed like Prophet Dr. Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom and others who can raise the dead. Were we not in Ghana when a certain Kwaku Bonsam stated on several radio stations that he was the reason for Portuguese footballer Ronaldo’s injury and would be unable to play in the World Cup? He even stated emphatically that should Cristiano Ronaldo play, he was not going to score against Ghana and oh la la, who scored the goal? Where has he being since then? I guess he is still in Rome, Italy trying to see the Pope.

My problem is, when would we as Ghanaians be ever ready to accept situations as they are and not rely on these so-called men of God, fetish priests and others to make a living. In fact, these dudes are ripping so many people off and these same people are just not ready to come to terms with the realities.

I know some sons and daughters of Opambour would not take this post lightly for mentioning him and I am in no way perturbed because I feel his utterances concerning this Castro is just unwarranted and so unnecessary. How could you ask that Castro’s family shows you some respect by visiting and officially informing you of the incidence so you could intervene and tell them of Castro’s whereabouts? Like seriously?

I somehow do not blame them but the media of which I am a part that gives precious airtime to these individuals churn out rubbish in hard times like these.

In the mean time, MUSIGA holds a prayer vigil for Castro on Sunday in Ada at 5pm.

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