Can Selly Just Shut Up For A Minute?

Selly A

My previous editorial on former Ghanaian female representative to the ongoing Big Brother Africa, The Chase, Selly was met with different opinions as many believed she at least deserved the right to clarify situations which I believe she did at the press conference on her return to Ghana.

However, it comes as what I will term “concert party” especially when someone who had decided to take legal action against another former housemate Nando who accused her of infecting her with a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) because she felt humiliated at the allegations out of no where rescinds a decision taken by her beloved mum with reason being that God has answered her prayers by getting Nando evicted. That, I believe is crap and Selly should please leave God out of this!!!

Nando’s eviction does not answer the question whether you indeed infected him with the STI he claims and neither does it vindicate you.

My previous editorial explained categorically why I believed Selly was a joker and if by the interview granted to Showbiz is anything to go by, then I need not continue my case.

Explaining why she would not take any legal action against Nando, she is quoted as saying ;

I won’t take any legal action against Nando because my God has answered my prayer and redeemed me. He has fought my battle for me and today, the whole of Africa has come to see the kind of person Nando is and that is enough judgment for me. Since my return, I have been praying to God to intervene and to restore my damaged image but in God’s own way, He vindicated me.

Even before Nando was expelled, I was talked out by the organisers of Big Brother not to pursue any legal case against him and I wondered how I could clear my name and restore my damaged image but God had his own plans for me.

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