Editorial: Bribery and Corruption in Ghanaian Showbiz and its Rippling Effect

The rippling effect of corruptions is always grievous and has most often been linked with politicians and the police especially in Ghana. However, I was drawn to think of the Ghanaian showbiz and how bribery and corruption could have a disastrous effect on the industry.

The very first challenge was to identify whether it really existed and in which ways was it was made manifest. Speaking to a brother and a colleague from the industry Ebenezer Anangfio, it was quite clear that it existed and was already having an effect on the industry. BCO

It’s so shocking and surprising to attend an event and report on the reality as a blogger only to see others blogger paint a different picture of the same event which makes you ask if you were at different events.  At such a moment, you realize someone has been paid to deceive people.

Could this be considered bribery as the truth is compromised perhaps because of “soli” as it is popularly known in the media circus? “Soli” is a short term used to represent solidarity and many pressmen would not take it easy at event organizers if it is not paid. I’ve been to events where press men wait anxiously and stare in the faces of event organizers after the event and woe betides you if they are unpaid, be rest assured stories on your event will never get carried or published.

The radio presenter and DJ can in no way be left out of the bracket as they also play a critical role in the industry. With a wide music collection and library, one is tempted to give so much attention to particular songs on radio shows due to a monetary influence. “Payola” which means “Pay or lose airplay” has dominantly killed a lot of musical talents as many upcoming talents are unable to pay and as a result never get their works heard. Could one then term “Payola” as a form of bribery as it influences a DJ or radio presenter to place premium of your product over anything else?

I know you could be yearning for more which I will publish in due course but for now, think of other ways bribery and corruption could manifest in showbiz and its effect.

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