BBA Update: Ghana’s Elikem and Six Others Up For Possible Eviction

Pokello can heave a huge sigh of relief this week, after being saved from the Eviction gallows by Ruby Head of House, Bassey.

Pokello was on the Nominations list alongside her love interest, Ghana’s Elikem and Malawi’s Natasha. Bassey decided to put Oneal’s neck on the chopping block instead, which effectively means Elikem, Natasha and Oneal are up for possible Eviction in the Ruby House this week.

Oneal almost dodged the bullet this week because early this afternoon during the Nominations Sessions, the Tswana Housemate had zero Nominations. Unfortunately, Bassey’s move puts Oneal in danger of possible Eviction.

It is pretty clear that Natasha is wanted out of the House by her fellow Housemates because the Malawian made the Evictions list for the third time in a row. When the announcement was made by Big Brother, Natasha buried her face in her lap and bawled her eyes out as the Rubies looked on. Bassey

Elikem on the other hand gave an uneasy smile and seemed to resign himself to his fate, while Pokello looked like someone had knocked the air out of her. In the Diamond House, Head of House Annabel opted to save herself and put Botswana’s Motamma in her place. Motamma has never been up for possible Eviction before and it remains to be seen how strong she is.

During the Nominations this afternoon, Annabel pulled the trigger at Melvin and Bolt but surprisingly changed her mind and did not put either of the two on the final list this evening. Rounding up the Diamonds Nominations list are lovebirds Betty and Bolt, who now appear to be firm fixtures on the list, as well as Nando, who makes the Nominations list for the first time.

This week, Elikem, Natasha, Oneal, Motamma, Betty, Bolt and Nando are up for possible Eviction. Nando, Bolt, Natasha, Oneal, Betty, Elikem and Motamma are up for possible Eviction this week.

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