BBA Update: Elikem and Pokello Argue Again!!

Having gone through the Natasha inquisition on The Natty Nat Show, Pokello revealed that she had missed being with Elikem while she was in the Diamond House and thank goodness she made it back even though it wasn’t entirely for the Ghanaian hunk. Elikem

Minutes before their date in the Rendezvous Room, Elikem had to beg Pokello to talk about what’s happening between the two of them, to which the Zimbabwean diva had said they can discuss everything when they get there. She was really giving Elikem a hard time and this was clearly frustrating the young lad.

When they finally got talking, going around in circles and not saying anything in particular, Pokello stuck to the fact that she is not free talking about their issues in the House and would much rather wait for the Rendezvous Room where she will be able to detail all her qualms to Elikem so he can understand that he had done wrong to her while she was away.

As much as Elikem wanted to clear the air, he was fighting a losing battle because this Zimbabwean diva was not interested in pursuing an argument the other Housemates would be eavesdropping on. So we wait for the Rendezvous Room.

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