BBA The Chase Update: Elikem and Dillish Gets Cossy

After sleeping in till lunch time, Dillish was almost knocked to the ground when and excited Elikem enthusiastically jumped off the couch to meet the Namibian.  Elikem

Clearly he had been missing her because before she could even feel the plush couch cushions on her bottom, Elikem pounced on her and threw his entire body over hers.

Dillish didn’t seem too taken aback though and smiled sweetly as she hugged the overzealous Elikem back. Melvin, who has a crush on Dillish, looked on while the two rolled about like grown kids. On Saturday evening, Dillish and Elikem found a corner where they hugged and whispered in each other’s ears, away from the prying eyes and ears of their fellow Chasemates.

Last week, Dillish and Elikem promised to get each other some really cool gifts should they win. “I’ll buy you a Golf 7,” Elikem said, while Dillish promised to buy Elikem a new motorcycle. Just the other day, Elikem got a nice back rub from Dillish. Must be nice!

What do you think of Dillish and Elikem’s friendship? Cute, isn’t it?

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