BBA “The Chase”: Rubies Propose A “No Clothes Day” for Thursday

The Ruby Housemates seem ready to bare more than just their souls to one another and Africa. no-clothes-day

Earlier today The Chasers were gathered in the kitchen, thinking up ideas of how to keep themselves entertained in the House, when Cleo suggested that they declare Thursday a ‘No Clothes Day’. According to the Zambian lass ‘No Clothes Day’ would be a day whereby all of the Housemates walk around the House not wearing any clothes. “Everyone will put on only their underwear”, she exclaimed.

This suggestion got very animated reactions from the Rubies’ boys, all of them had wide brimmed smiles like the cats that just got the cream. But in the end it seems that the thought of spending an entire day in just their skivvies was just too much for some Housemates to handle, especially Sulu who thought it would just be too overwhelming to be surrounded by half naked ladies all day long.

It remains to be seen if any of the Rubies will actually go through with their nudist plans for Thursday.

What do you think; would you like to see a ‘No Clothes Day’ in the Big Brother House?

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