“Backlash at UK music group, One Direction was uncalled for” – Austin Woode

The third week of January 2013 had seen topmost Ghanaian entertainers register their displeasure at what they deem a misrepresentation of what Ghana really stands for on social networking sites Facebook and twitter. Amongst these key figures is beautiful Ghanaian actress, Ama K. Abrebrese who expressed her displeasure at the tweet by the member of the UK pop group, One Direction in an interview with the BBC’s Focus on Africa programme.

However, astute showbiz pundit with the Multimedia Group Limited in Kumasi, Austine Woode, often tagged the controversial Woode believes the backlash at the musical group was totally uncalled for and “far below the belt”. Austine who disclosed this on “Entertainment Unplugged”, a weekly entertainment review show on Kapital Radio in Kumasi disclosed that the group would have lost its purpose for coming down to Ghana had they tweeted of the “luxurious hotel and VIP treatment” they were given which Ama K. Abebrese believes they should have been the case. 481041_3952434343401_926455379_n

In any case, we couldn’t have given them any VIP treatment which could surpass the treatments they get n the UK and elsewhere so why talk about that? Remember, One Direction is not just any mere group . He added

Their intent was to do charity and call for the awareness of what the real situations were in order to help raise money to help the ones in need.

Austin believes, the uproar was due to “the proud Ghanaian nature in us that makes us want to live in pretense and reality”. “In any case, was the picture not taken from Ghana and have we not seen several Ghanaian entertainers do charity work and show to the world the poverty stricken areas of the nation? Should TV also be lashed for their broadcast that shows the slums in the nation? Austin asked.

For many who might not have read of the tweets, here you go;

A member of the group who took to twitter after their visit to Ghana over the weekend on a charity tour as part of their involvement with the U.K. charity organization Comic Relief said:

Just arrived back from Accra,Ghana! Best life experience ever! This @rednoseday please get involved!

He again tweeted that:

I’ve seen the slums right in front of me! This is no joke! They really need your help! Poverty is real!,” and added that: “Massive thanks to @rednoseday for taking us to Ghana! It was incredible! Real eye opener! We take so much for granted over here!

Another member of the group, Harry Styles, who recently came out of a relationship with singer Taylor Swift also tweeted:

Today was the most amazing day I’ve had so far..In my life ever.

One Direction with some pupils during their visit

Do you think Ghanaians have been too quick to create a wrong impression of the intents of the musical group to raise money for the slums in our country or where the group go wrong?

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