The father of Serena’s child is her fiancee, Alexis Ohanian, who is also a co-founder of Reddit. The two have been engaged since last December and initally, kept the pregnancy under wraps. The two had an extremely private delivery, according to CBS12 reporter, Thomas Forester. The couple had allegedly had the entire first floor of the hospital cleared and no one was able to get inside without proper security clearance.

Serena’s pregnancy was kept under wraps until she had revealed it by accident through Snapchat. Back in June, the tennis superstar tweeted out “Check out my Vanity Fair Cover. Question- what do u guys think boy or girl? I’m waiting to find out but would love to hear your thoughts.” with a link to the cover of the magazine. However, her sister referred to the child as a “she” later on in the interview. However, Serena later denied it saying that they grew up around all women so there were more usage of the pronoun “she” than “he” and that her sister simply slipped up. However, it’s looking like Venus wasn’t wrong.

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