Angel Group of Companies introduce new product Adonko Bitters

Adonko Bitters

The Angel Group of Companies has introduced on to the Ghanaian market a new alcoholic beverage called Adonko Bitters.

Unveiling the new product during a special radio launch on Kumasi based Angel FM with Drive time host, Ike d Unpredictable, CEO of the Angel Group of Companies, Dr. Kwaku Oteng revealed Adonko Bitters was the best beverage to be produced as it stood tall among all the alcoholic beverages available on the Ghanaian market with its unique taste. He also revealed the ingredients of the beverage have been scientifically proven to be medicinal and approved for consumption.

With an alcoholic content of 42%, Dr. Kwaku Oteng allayed fears of any potential health hazard and disclosed Adonko Bitters was also medicinal and asked Ghanaians to look out for the drink in various shops and outlets.

Although immediately available in bottles, the company has started production for packs which will be easily carried around by patrons.

Adonko Bitters can be consumed by all sexes but not suitable for pregnant women and children below 18 years.

The Angel group of Companies has under its umbrella, Angel FM, Angel TV, Angel Educational Complex, Angel Real Estates, Angel Mineral Water and its new product, Adonko Bitters.