American Rapper who cut off his p*nis explains why he did it


Andre Johnson, the rapper known as Christ Bearer and/or Andre Roxx, says that it was a combination of missing his two daughters, marijuana and a book about monks and vasectomies that inspired him to remove his penis with a steak knife last month.

Johnson was found on a West Hollywood street corner at 1 a.m. on April 16. He had severed his member and jumped off his apartment balcony. Earlier reports indicated that he was high on PCP at the time.

He told TMZ, however, that he was smoking weed, and explained that he was lonely and suicidal due to a restraining order put in place to keep him distanced from his daughters.

He said that plastic surgeons have since reattached the organ and it’s fully functioning, almost. Johnson may not be able to have any more children.

And while he didn’t indicate whether or not the monks were Shaolin, he did respond to an inquiry about his affiliation with Wu-Tang, which has been denied by a rep for the Clan. “I am the f—–g Wu Tang,” Johnson said.

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