Amakye Dede Shows Superiority Over Kwabena Kwabena in Kumasi

Amakye Dede in Concert

Although rained off and had to be postponed to the next day Sunday June 30th 2013, the “Amakye Dede and Kwabena Kwabena in concert” which took place at the Golden Tulip, Kumasi City was with so much expectations as the battle for superiority and best live band performer was a a challenge especially when Kwabena Kwabena had on a previous occasion taken the shine out of Amakye Dede’s performance in Kumasi.

Quite uncharacteristic of concerts of such magnitude, Amakye Dede took center stage as first performer on the night and treated patrons to wild and spectacular performances as they cheered on and danced to his songs. Performing for about 3 hours, Amakye Dede could be spelling trouble for Kwabena Kwabena who over from him.

Starting quite slowly, the Adult Music hitmaker who had whipped up so much expectations amongst the people could not live up to the bidding as the patrons started to troop out perhaps because the event was running late into the next morning. Performing one song after the other, a section of the crowd sang along and danced as others sat and watched him perform.

Speaking to patrons at the event, many described the event as an all win for Abrante Amakye Dede.

The tone is now set as Kwabena Kwabena might have to pull his weight up to match up to the bidding as the battle for superiority remains game.

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