Amaarae Or Amarachuku? Rising Global Star Reveals The Origin Of Her Name

West African neighbours Ghana and Nigeria are at each other’s throats again!

This time, not over who has the best Jollof, national football team, president or the country with the best power supply. It is about claiming ownership of a fast-rising global pop star Amaarae.

Born Ama Serwah Genfi, Amaarae’s rise to global prominence after over a decade of steady work and dedication has got social media washed with both countries (Nigeria and Ghana) claiming ownership of the soul singer but the question is, where does Amaarae stand and what’s her true origin? Is she Ghanaian or Nigerian as some speculate her name is a shortened form of Amarachukwu, an Igbo name?

Well, today, we get to share with you the origin of the name Amaarae as explained by the artist in her first-ever radio interview almost a decade ago.

During her come up somewhere in 2011 (almost a decade ago), Amaarae in her very first ever radio interview with Antoine Mensa formerly of defunct Vibe FM explained the origin of her name.

“I remember it was 2009 and around that time everyone on Facebook was like, they would add an extra name or a nickname to their name and I’m sitting here thinking, these cool names are coming out, I need to give these people pressure so I’m sitting behind my computer and I’m like I have to come up with a dope name and I remembered I like Corinne Bailey Rae and I liked the way she spelt her Rae so I just added it to Ama and that’s how it happened. So it was a Facebook thing and it translated to my music”, she said.

Amaarae grew up in Ghana till age 8 when she moved to the United States and returned at age 14. She has since been in and out of Ghana and collaborated with a list of music stars including Stonebwoy.

Listen to the podcast from below (1 hour into the podcast)

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