Allow!! English is My Native Language – Reggie Rockstone

Tune in to your favourite radio station in the national capital of Ghana, Accra and you will not be disappointed with has come to stay and be known as LAFA, Locally Acquired Foreign Accent been used all over especially by radio presenters, actors and actresses as well as many in the showbiz industry. reggie

One personality many have critically talked about aside Jeremie of Live FM is the Grandpapa of the great genre of music that puts food on the tables of many Ghanaians now, hiplife as well as CEO of Django Bar and Rockstone’s Office, Reggie Rockstone.

Known for his ‘no nonsense’ attitude and very outspoken, Reggie Rockstone has commented on his diction which many believe is too deep for a Ghanaian. In an interview with NY DJ on the Kapital Entertainment Unplugged Show on Kapital Radio, the Grandpapa who was indirectly  responding to questions of his status as Oseikrom President although he lived in Accra, he stated it was funny to hear people complain of his diction as the English Language was his mother tongue since he was born in United Kingdom and lived his early years in there.

You know, it is very funny when people who hardly know anything about you see you for the first time and complain. To set the records straight, English Language is my mother tongue as I was born and lived in the UK until I moved to Ghana to polish my Twi and pioneer the hiplife movement.

Reggie Rockstone is currently a Glo ambassador and entertainment mogul.

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