Alcohol Boosts My Confidence On Stage – Quarme Zaggy

Ghanaian highlife musician Quarme Zaggy has made a revelation most musicians would dread to make.

According to the ‘See Saw’ hit maker, he usually takes in shots of alcohol before he mounts the stage to perform.

Quarme told MzGee on Gee Spot on Joy Prime that alcohol puts him in an ecstatic mood so he would be able to engage well with his audience.

Even though most people have riled the use of alcohol and other drugs, the ‘Highlife’ singer noted that the act was normal.

“Everyone has something that they that makes them or puts them in the mood to do something. I can get some shots, maybe some whisky or something to get me on my feet or maybe pick up my guitar and strike some strings and it get me in the mood,” he said.

However, he explained that he does not do any of the hard drugs.

“I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs. Our work is such that when you go on stage, people derive excitement from your excitement.

“So when you go on stage moody and you are performing slowly and you are boring, people will complain so by making them happy, you make yourself happy,” Quarme explained.

Quarme Zaggy, who has been in the music industry over a decade, is a multi-talented artiste whose soothing voice and dexterity on the guitar makes him a delight to listen to.

He has songs like ‘Just the 2 of Us,’ ‘Matide,’ ‘Bohye,’ ‘ Burning Desire’ and the latest one ‘Eye Mi Life.’

According to him, highlife is the soul of Ghanaian music and would do everything to help preserve that aspect of the Ghanaian culture.

Watch the video below: 

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