Akatasia Clothing to Open Love Child II Pop Up Shop From Dec. 21st

akata copy

In man’s insatiable quest to explore the aesthetics of life with the excessive materials available to us, Akataasia, a fashion brand that believes in the celebration of life, freedom in fashion as well as the importance of living life and not just existing is yet to roll out its special Christmas package at the Love Child II Pop Up Shop.

Akataasia which specializes in male blazers, female reversibles, boyfriend jackets, Regal, Soul and Sparkle, MJ Blazers and more will from Saturday December 21st roll to out The Love Child II Pop Up Shop at Marvels Mini Golf in Dzorwulu, Accra-Ghana.


Lovechild II is the second brand collaboration between Heel the World (H.T.W) and Akataasia Clothing and ends on 10th January 2014.

On display at The Lovechild II will be limited edition HTW original leather bracelets, wallets, T-shirts, cuffs, shoes, and empowerment beads as well as blazers, shorts, T-shirts, trousers, and trendy fashion items from Akataasia.


The festive season is much enjoyed when we share therefore give. Express your love with #HTWorld #LovechildII #Akataasia #HTWxAkataasia.

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