African Parents Will Always Support You Once You Take What You Do Serious – M.anifest

Contrary to populist perception that African parents do not support their kids who venture into arts and entertainment, Ghanaian rapper M.anifest who was crowned the King of Ghana hip-hop in 2017 when he won best rapper and hip-hop song of the year at the Ghana Music awards holds a different perception.

The rapper made this known in a recent interview on BBC Africa.

As monitored by Ghana’s Hub For Pop Culture & Urban Entertainment News –, M.anifest in an interview with Veronique Edwards stated African parents would support ‘you once you took everything you do seriously’.

He was answering questions as to how his parents felt after spending huge sums of money on his education in the United States of America only to return as a full musician.

“On the contrary, my parents were not disappointed. Neither my mother nor my father because I think they are appreciators of the arts. I mean my grandfather is a composer so I also come from a lineage where people understand that how transformational you could be… Once you take everything you do seriously, African parents will accept and again they were lucky I got a scholarship to school so they didn’t cry too much (laughs)…”

Living with no regrets, M.anifest says he couldn’t have fathomed a different path than music and that the decision to venture into music was and is worth it.

“Was it worth it? Yes, I definitely cannot fathom a different path that I could have chosen. I think this was way more than destiny. This was my sense of purpose. It actually took me years of battling fear. The fear of failing… but yes, it’s been worth it, embracing my purpose…”

M.anifest has had an incredible music career with 5 albums.

He remains one of the foremost hiphop artists in Ghana and has worked with the likes of Damon Albarn, Flea, Tony Allen, Erykah Badu, and is featured on five songs on the Rocket Juice and The Moon album.

Watch full interview on BBC Africa.

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