Abraham Ohene Djan Speaks on Reports That Suggest OM Studio Was Shut Down Due To Huge Tax Debt

Chief Executive Officer of OM Studio’s, one of Ghana’s most efficient and reliable video production companies Abraham Ohene Djan has spoken on a report that suggest his outfit was shut down due to a huge tax debt.

Abraham, who until recently owned Fiesta TV, a 24 hour music streaming channel on DsTV revealed the website ONLY sought to destroy his hard earning reputation despite giving out clear details as to what the case was.

In a post, Abraham stated;

“This is one of the problems with the internet and irresponsible blogging. It is true that we had a visit from the GRA over a 5-year audit of our business. To demand payment for outstanding VAT, and as usual they carry the media with them to embarrass companies.

We have not withheld payment to GRA, we only asked for our documents to be released as the law states after an audit is done, to be independently reviewed. The delay in the non-release of our documents to be independently audited and checked (which every company has a right to) is what has resulted in the delay in the payment and added interest to the amount and subsequently visit to our office.

The situation is under control and all our other taxes including SNNIT and payee and corporate taxes are up to date. All this was explained to Ghana Celebrities when the reporter called me, but he seemed more interested in traffic for his blog thus the publication of a sensational story.

Which is fine I can’t blame him, that how he pays is rent, but It would be better if as an industry we tried to build companies rather than try to destroy them. A little respect for a company that has contributed to the media industry in Ghana for over 20 years would have been considerate.”

According to the said report, Abraham Ohene Djan’s outfit owed the Ghana Revenue Authority an amount of GHC300,000.

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