5 Takeaway Notes From Ghanaian Who’s Almost Sold $1 Million Worth Of Watches

British-Ghanaian entrepreneur and CEO of Vitae London, William Adoasi is $78k short of selling $1 Million worth of watches, a milestone worth celebrating.

Born in London to Ghanaian immigrant parents, William’s love for fashion, particularly jewellery and watches would not be cut short despite dropping out of University on the blind side of his parents.

From running physical education workshops in schools to grabbing a day job as an insurance broker in the city and then a recruitment consultant, William Adoasi kept his dream alive as he convinced his wife that he could use the £7k they had put aside to go and build Vitae.

Needing money for inventory he applied for a small loan from Virgin Startup Loans. Of the 10,000 people who applied William ended up being one of 2 people who won a prize to interview Richard Branson and be mentored by him. Richard Branson was so touched by William’s idea he decided to buy a watch from him on the spot and wears it most days.

That £7k and the small startup loan from Virgin turned into over £150k of sales and soon after he received a place on Backstage Capital’s London Accelerator program and £82.5k funding. This was used to increase the number of watches from 4 to 18 and bring in to help with other areas of the business whilst he focuses on driving growth.

The remaining story is quite evident as he has over the years recruited celebrities to endorse the brand.

William does not only sell watches. He is a lover of music and has an amazing 4-track EP, Focus already on several streaming platforms.

Stream Focus EP from below.

Announcing the feat, William listed five (5) lessons worth highlighting in his journey so far.

  • Don’t be afraid to own your narrative

Be bold in who you are and what you’ve had to overcome to build your business – customers are humans too and can relate to your story more than your concept.

  • Understand your weaknesses early on

Don’t be afraid to acknowledge the areas you don’t excel in so you can hire the best people in those areas. Focus on your strengths and allow others to focus on where you’re weak.

  • Keep iterating

Never be content with the product you’ve built, allow feedback from your customers to inform what you’re doing next and have the vision to create what they want before they even ask.

  • Data is King

Enough said

  • Stop waiting for perfection

All it does is produce procrastination, do the best with what you have and build from there.

Aside from his business, Williams is on a course to supporting education in some African countries.

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This article was written for www.nydjlive.com with excerpts from Forbes.