3Music Awards 22: A Viewer’s Perspective – CK Arthur Writes

Saturday, March 26, 2022, was a great day for Ghana Music.

Sadiq Abubakar Abu and his team organised one of the best events to have ever happened to the industry as far as Award programs are concerned, and that will go down in history.

I  was on cloud nine as an enthusiast and ardent fan of music when I  reached out to some chilled water, sat astride comfortably on my plastic chair to watch some thrilling moments.

Smiles got stuck on my face throughout the red carpet moments; I kept extolling the team for their conscious effort to continuously make the event a progressive one! It was a sight to behold.

At this point, the tip of that candy had teased my tongue and just couldn’t wait to have that molasses melt on it.

The heartache began ( maybe my expectations were beyond parameters; I was head over heels in love lol);  it was very disheartening when what seemed to be a  technical hitch almost compelled me to regurgitate those sweet moments I have had; it was gradually becoming annoying.

I tried roaming on Twitter and some other social media platforms, and Oh Boy! The narrative had swiftly and suddenly changed. At that juncture, I  pitied Abu; I saw a tweet from him which confirmed his frustration; very understandable: almost 12 am and no show; that should be a hell of an experience!!!

No sooner had our hopes shattered than I saw a  slim figure behind a mic stand; that was a relieving moment, I must confess; I kept asking “who is that ”  could that be Blackko??? and yeah!! Blackko it was;  that performance was electrifying!

Such performances are indelible in memory: we will always refer to it each time mention of great performances comes to the fore. A couple of performances were a delight to watch, and oh! Kuami Eugene thank you !!! The dude makes Highlife so “palatable”.

That performance swept us off our feet: He really honoured the legendary Nana Kwame Ampadu of blessed memory; I am pretty sure he can confidently rest well now!!!

Everything seemed to have fallen into place until that intruder (technical hitch) reared its ugly head again!!!!  It incontrovertible marred the beauty of the Program; but hey, #3MusicAwards22  was magnificent!!!

Trust me, I loved every bit of what happened that night; the organisers keep challenging themselves to be better than the previous; the progress has been steady, and I pray for consistency on their part…

To the awards,  congratulations to all the winners, especially,  KiDi and Black Sherif; both artists bagged a couple of awards,  and at a point, the artiste of the Year was definitely going to be one of them.

Even though KiDi won the ultimate,  Black Sherif’s success on the night was unequivocally glorious!!! You could tell all and sundry was happy for the young man; indeed it was his breakthrough year.

KiDi has made history since the inception of the #3MusicAwards: the first to retain the artiste of the year award, that’s looking to laurels and a great feat for that matter!!!

Prior to the awards, I had this thought that per the calendar year of 3Music Awards, Black Sherif was going to win the ultimate and KiDi for #vgma23, but Thelma Tagoe of Bride and Squad GH with whom I did some predictions a few hours to the event thought otherwise,  and lo and behold her prediction was affirmed. 

As far as any of that two big artists won, it is a big win for the Ghana Music industry; it was well deserved !!!! Many deserving artists were honoured, and it is great for the growth of the industry.

Summarily, kudos to #3MusicAwards22; you did a yeoman’s job; I am sure lessons have been learnt and learnt well to avert subsequent and unpardonable mistakes going forward.  You set a good standard, and we are happy to have you.

God bless #3MusicAwards22

God bless Ghana Music Industry

God bless Ghana

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