2131 finally Opens Up to Membership

Club Vice President addresses members

For close to 8 years now, 2131 spearheaded by Jay Foley (4syte TV host & YFM General Manager) has served a lot of entertainment to the Ghanaian youth space. The concept, which rumours have it that, it may have deeper meaning with these digits, founded by Jay and Co-Founded by Miss Jeremie Van Garshong, explains it to be a very precise and powerful message directed at the youth, LEAD, CHALLENGE OR FORGET IT… He further explains that, the average man or woman between the ages of 21 and 31, share a lot similarities. This 10 year gap encases a burning desire for success.

“Many young people who fall into this age bracket think alike, dress alike, talk alike and the list is endless. I believe the choices we make during these crucial days of our lives can affect not only ourselves but a whole community. Your passion, which burns deep within you, if guided and controlled right, can be turned into riches. I see a lot of people working in firms and companies as a result of survival and not by choice of following a dream. 2131 wants to help you grow that passion that dream, that skill, that virgin and natural gift embedded deep within you to be discovered by a group of people who have found theirs.

members of 2131CLUBS

INSPIRED by our firm conviction that there are so many things we can project ourselves to be;

DESIROUS of establishing a philosophy and movement that propels the individual to achieve his or her greatest ambition and success through consistent exercise of positive thinking, passion and hard work;

RECOGNISING that our foundational ethos of individual success can be achieved by bringing together young, energetic and like-minded people with an unflinching desire to be the best they can ever be and beyond, do hereby establish for ourselves, the 2131CLUB”

The brand 2131 itself in the past 8 years have pulled of many social activities that have brought large gatherings of young people. The founders of this brand believe it is time to shift the gears a notch higher, by granting its followers a chance for the first time to be physically involved with the brand through membership. The core members have kept this society closed for years.

2131CLUBS has elected its President, Vice and administrative body and is set to launch on the 31st of October, 2014 at the African Regent Hotel, at a very strictly by invitation event. Information on club membership will be published and everyone who believes there is a deeper gift or skill waiting to be borne from living among people with the same burning desire, are being encouraged to join this prestigious 2131CLUB.

“We have received thousands of requests to be part of this society and we are set to allow memberships,” says Co-founder Miss Jeremie Van Garshong

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