12 Signs That You May Be A Witch

Witches have been maligned through centuries and treated with disrespect and cruelty. No one ever cared to notice that magic comes in both good and bad forms. Witches, usually, are extraordinary women with deep intuitive capabilities and great soul healing skills. A few bad ones did emerge from time to time but these were the bad apples who ruined the witches name. A witch is someone with extraordinary powers to change lives and their magic works in subtle ways. Here, we have 12 signs to see if you are a good witch with the power to love or simply human. Read on.

#1 Do you feel it when someone else is in pain?

Witches are highly intuitive and are in touch with emotions. They have this innate capability to understand when someone is in pain and their first job is to rush to help them. If you often find yourself feeling other’s pains, chances are that you may have witch-like qualities.

#2 Do you like animals and they, in turn, like you?

Do you have pets or do you like animals? And do those animals return their love? Witches are inherently in intimate touch with nature and animals are one of the closest beings to their hearts. Your love for animals does indicate a strong witch-like tendency.

#3 Do you stand strong in times of trouble or do you break down?

When you find yourself in trouble or in a really difficult situation, do you keep faith in yourself and fight back or do you give in? Witches are powerful beings who can fight their own battles with dignity and grace. If you do the same then you have a very good chance of having those powers.

#4 Do you find helping others heart-warming?

When you help someone in need, do you find yourself warm and smiling or do you look for ways in which your favor could be returned? Selflessness is one of the strongest qualities a witch possesses and your warmth may indicate towards the same.

#5 Do you put yourself in other people’s shoes and understand their views?

Are you an empath? Do you put yourself in other people’s position and understand where they are coming from? Do you judge others or listen to them to understand them? If you are an empath who understands and accepts others as they are, then you do possess the witch spirit.

#6 Do people often come to you to share their feelings?

How often do people come to you to share their feelings and concerns? Does it happen that people come to you when they feel lost and hurt to share their thoughts with you? Witches have this capacity to attract broken hearts to heal them and if you find yourself in this position often, then you have what it takes to be a good witch.

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