10 Key Points We Picked From Stonebwoy’s Interview With King Lagazee

I’m pretty sure the world was listening to Accra based Hitz FM as King Lagazee interviewed BET Award winner and dancehall artist Stonebwoy.

The reasons, I’m sure you do know already.

Well, out of the over 1 hour interview, there are some pointers Ghana’s Hub For Pop Culture & Urban Entertainment News – www.nydjlive.com picked up and would want to share for many who couldn’t listen. From answers given by Stonebwoy, it’s obvious things are not well between Stonebwoy and Zylofon Music.

  1. Did Stonebwoy order for Zylofon Media branded materials be removed before he mounts a stage on Legon campus?

Contrary to reports that Stonebwoy ordered for the removal of Zylofon branded materials prior to his performance on Legon campus, Stonebwoy says he didn’t.

“I went there, stepped on stage to perform and I left. I don’t know whatever went on behind the scenes. I don’t know who brought what down and just like you’re hearing, I’m also hearing that now. As far as I’m concerned, I just went on stage to perform”

         2.Does Zylofon Music own the Benz in question that was almost taken?

Nope. According to Stonebwoy, he owns the car and bought it from America. The car has the initials of his departed mum because he loves her. “I own it. I did not buy my car from Austrilia. I bought it from America please”

      3. Is Stonebwoy still with Zylofon Music?  

Response: “Anything concerning the label are supposed to be addressed properly. I can answer any question but when it comes to my affiliation or contract, that is being handled.

Contract details cannot be laid out to the public unless the company wishes for that to be done. When the times comes, we will all know the details. Unless it is all agreed for the silence to be broken. At the end of the day, nothing can be hidden under the sun.

     4. Did Zylofon Media unfollow Stonebwoy on social media?

“Let us not pretend that I wasn’t unfollowed by ZylofonMedia on social media. We all know what is happening. Let us not pretend. As for me hashtagging the brand in my posts, let’s not delve into that for now.”

     5. Is Asmoah Gyan paying a bail out of $2Million for Stonebwoy?

“Asamoah Gyan is a big brother to me. However, I am not aware of him bailing me out. How can we talk about bail-out when we don’t know the full details of the contract yet?”

    6. Did Stonebwoy really fire a gun as reports suggest?

Yes, the Hero hit maker admits he fired a gun and did that for self defense.

    7. Is Stonebwoy worried about Shatta Wale’s signing to Zylofon Music?

No and he believes the label reserves the right to sign whichever artist they want.

“I do not know why people think I am unhappy about Shatta Wale‘s involvement with Zylofon Media. Why? Am I the one who writes his songs? People should stop saying that. It is irrelevant.”

     8. Would Stonebwoy have signed to Zylofon Music were there a dancehall artist of his calibre on the label already?

There can’t be two number 11’s on one team and so a big NO! However, he believes Zylofon Media’s decision must be respected.

    9. How involved was Zylofon Music in Stonebwoy’s Epistles of Mama album?

According to Stonebwoy, the entire album was recorded by himself at his studio at home and mastered by Master Gazy. Apparently, Zylofon Media had nothing to do with it.

   10. Is Stonebwoy’s life in danger following events from last night at Champs Bar?

Stonebwoy believes everyone is in danger and he’s not any different. He believes aside the security provided by the state, everyone must do everything to protect himself.

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